Adult dog training in Grantham

Adult dog training in Grantham

Ruff Cut Diamonds – Adults

Adult dogs that have had little or no training or socialisation have different requirements to puppies as they are older, wiser and more confident, and sometimes set in their ways. In addition, they may be in the throws of adolescence which has its own problems (not insurmountable). Therefore, all adult dogs will be assessed before being accepted into a class situation – this is for their wellbeing as not all will be happy around other dogs. We want your dog’s learning experience to be as positive and relaxed as possible and, if necessary, 1:1 sessions may be more helpful, at least in the short term.

6 one hour sessions with our adult dog trainer in Grantham

The course of six one-hour classes is structured around your dog’s needs and the behaviours that will enable him/her to live with you happily and calmly, including:

  • how dogs learn and the value of reward/praise
  • how to set fair and consistent guidelines so your dog knows how he is expected to behave at home
  • your responsibilities to your dog to ensure his wellbeing and good health
  • the importance of a reliable recall
  • walking on a loose lead
  • other skills needed for the real world (as opposed to a training environment).

The classes are small, to enable your dog to learn and to develop a positive relationship with you in a relaxed environment.
As with puppies, we only use positive, reward based training methods with the older pups and adult dogs. You will not see any force, use of choke collars or water being squirted.

Cost for Adult dog training in Grantham

Cost: £95 for the six weeks – payable at the 1st class or before.

To contact our adult dog trainer or for information about adult dog training in Grantham use our contact form  or give me a call 07745 297852

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