Improver dog training in Grantham

Advanced dog training in Grantham

Diamond Geezers – Improvers

This is a follow-on course of six classes for those puppies and dogs that have completed the Ruff Cut Diamonds class or, if new to Ruff Diamonds, dogs at a similar stage in their training.

It is very likely that the younger dogs in this class will be in or approaching adolescence and we will help you to understand why their behaviour may change and what you can do to help them through this life stage.

Improver dog training classes

These classes will build on the foundation skills learned previously, increasing the level of difficulty and, where possible, ‘taking it on the road’ for some real life practice. We will also start to develop impulse control and pay particular attention to developing a reliable recall. We will introduce new exercises and fun activities that will keep your dogs busy and interested, such as a heelwork routine, Rally Obedience and scent work.
All classes will take place in the same relaxed and safe environment, in small groups.

Advance dog training costs

Cost: £95 for new starters; £85 for those who have completed the Ruff Diamonds puppy course

For more information about our improver dog trainers or improver dog training in Grantham use our contact form or give me a call 07745 297852

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