About us

Fiona has been lucky to share her life with a variety of wonderful dogs including a border collie, Afghan hounds, boxers and, currently, a (still!) very adolescent weimaraner, a patterdale terrier and a rescue pug/llaso apso, one of whom is the Ruff Diamond on our logo. She has also owned, trained and ridden horses for many years.

Several of her dogs had ‘issues’ and, in helping them to overcome these problems, she developed her interest in learning what makes dogs tick and in positive training methods.

To gain experience, Fiona helped within a large training club as a class assistant for six years, before taking the decision to study further in order to progress to taking her own classes.  After two years, she decided to set up Ruff Diamonds and to concentrate on working with family dogs and their owners.  She has a particular interest in training puppies and giving them the best possible start in life.

Fiona has studied with Sarah Whitehead and Gwen Bailey, two of the UK’s most respected dog trainers, and has been examined and approved by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK (APDT, no 1160). She is committed to continuing to build  her own knowledge by further study, attending courses and seminars, and in passing on that knowledge in a fun, interesting and informative way.

Charmaine became a member of the IMDT in August 2020. She has had an affinity with dogs since the tender age of 11 when a Springer Spaniel was welcomed into the family. She even used to borrow Fiona’s dogs and do some agility with them in her back garden when she was a teenager! They lost touch until Charmaine moved back to Grantham in 2016 and decided that her parents rescue dog needed some training. She made contact Ruff Diamonds through the website. The rest, as they say, is history.

Charmaine shares her life with Teddy who is a mostly deaf terrier cross. Watch out for the “terrier stare”! Charmaine has a particular interest in deaf dog training and believes that positive reward based training is the best way to get a lasting relationship between a dog and their human.

Logan and Penny are currently on their journey to becoming trainers and we are excited to see them progress!

We also have a small team of very dedicated helpers, who happily make drinks, help nervous owners or calm excitable or worried dogs.  All are experienced dog owners and/or just love the company of these wonderful animals!

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