Training classes

Our classes are held in Grantham on Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings/afternoons.  We have indoor and outdoor facilities at our training venue which is 2-3 minutes drive from the town centre.

Ruff Cut Diamonds – Puppies

dog classes in GranthamIt’s never too soon to start training and socialising your puppy. However, all puppies must have had all their vaccinations before joining a class unless your vet agrees they can start earlier.

We accept puppies aged 20 weeks and under (although older pups may attend, depending on size and temperament).

Over a course of six one-hour sessions (held weekly), we will aim to cover the basics of caring for and training your puppy so he/she becomes a happy and well behaved  addition to your family. We will show you how to begin to teach your puppy:

  • to pay attention to you
  • the basic positions of sit, down and stand
  • to wait and stay for short periods
  • to walk on a loose lead
  • to come back when called
  • the rules of play, and some fun tricks and games
  • to become accustomed to being handled
  • general good manners and the boundaries you want to set in your household.

We will talk to you about how you can prevent problems, the importance of socialising your puppy and introducing him/her to new experiences. We will allow time for the puppies to play together, carefully matching them in size and temperament so none of them are overwhelmed or frightened. In addition, we will highlight your duty of care and responsibility to your puppy, a small price to pay for all the fun and companionship you will get in return.

We will do all that – with your help – in a fun, informal way, in small structured classes with puppies of a similar age and ability. The whole family is very welcome to attend (although children must be supervised).

Cost: £90 for the six weeks – payable at the 1st class or before.

Pre-class 1:1 for puppies

Is your puppy too young to go out?  Are you new to dog ownership?  Do you need a little extra help and support when you bring your puppy home?

We will visit you in your own home and answer any questions you have about your pup’s training and behaviour (eg nipping, jumping up, exercise and lead walking, crate and house training), and show you how to start the basic training exercises, all of which will help you and your puppy get the most out of the classes.

Cost: From £45 for first hour, £30 thereafter (depending on time needed and location)

Ruff Cut Diamonds –Adults

Adult dogs that have had little or no training or socialisation have different requirements to puppies as they are older, wiser and more confident, and sometimes set in their ways. In addition, they may be in the throws of adolescence which has its own problems (not insurmountable). Therefore, all adult dogs will be assessed before being accepted into a class situation – this is for their wellbeing as not all will be happy around other dogs. We want your dog’s learning experience to be as positive and relaxed as possible and, if necessary, 1:1 sessions may be more helpful, at least in the short term.

The course of six one-hour classes is structured around your dog’s needs and the behaviours that will enable him/her to live with you happily and calmly, including:

  • how dogs learn and the value of reward/praise
  • how to set fair and consistent guidelines so your dog knows how he is expected to behave at home
  • your responsibilities to your dog to ensure his wellbeing and good health
  • the importance of a reliable recall
  • walking on a loose lead
  • other skills needed for the real world (as opposed to a training environment).

The classes are small, to enable your dog to learn and to develop a positive relationship with you in a relaxed environment.

As with puppies, we only use positive, reward based training methods with the older pups and adult dogs.  You will not see any force, use of choke collars or water being squirted.

Cost: £90 for the six weeks – payable at the 1st class or before.

 Diamond Geezers –Improvers

This is a follow-on course of six classes for those puppies and dogs that have completed the Ruff Cut Diamonds class or, if new to Ruff Diamonds, dogs at a similar stage in their training.

It is very likely that the younger dogs in this class will be in or approaching adolescence and we will help you to understand why their behaviour may change and what you can do to help them through this life stage.

These classes will build on the foundation skills learned previously, increasing the level of difficulty and, where possible, ‘taking it on the road’ for some real life practice.  We will also start to develop impulse control and pay particular attention to developing a reliable recall.  We will introduce new exercises and fun activities that will keep your dogs busy and interested, such as a basic heelwork routine and an introduction to Rally Obedience and scent work.

All classes will take place in the same relaxed and safe environment, in small groups.

Cost: £90 for new starters; £80 for those who have completed the RD puppy course

 Brilliant Diamonds – Fun for family dogs

For dogs that have completed the Ruff Cut Diamonds and Diamond Geezers classes (or are of a similar standard).  An ongoing course, based around the needs or interests of the owners and dogs attending, aimed at learning new skills and having fun!  There is no fixed syllabus for these classes but it is likely to include some off-lead work so dogs must be comfortable working in the company of others.

Cost: £90 for new starters; £80 for those who have completed the RD puppy or junior course

 Just Diamonds – 1:1 training

Not all dogs – for whatever reason – are happy in a class environment; they may get very stressed or excited which isn’t good for them, or for other dogs in the class.

We offer 1:1 training where appropriate, with the aim of enabling the dog to join a class if possible.

If you have any doubts at all about how your dog will cope in a class environment, please contact us.  If we can’t help you, we will almost  certainly know someone who can!

Cost:  depends on location and time needed; please contact us to discuss 

If you would like to visit any of our classes (without your dog) to see what we do and how, you would be very welcome; please contact Fiona via the contact page.

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